This is Cozmic Debris

What started as a small indie music blog has grown into a full-fledged entertainment company. Cozmic Debris was originally created to amplify and expand the reach of independent musicians around the world. By taking advantage of the ever-growing reach of social media, along with the power of internet radio, Cozmic Debris offered itself as a platform for artists to use to expand their fan base and extend the impact of their art. Most importantly, Cozmic Debris was created, and always will be, a platform that will never require artists to pay or share the cost of service provided. Cozmic Debris is a contribution to the world of independent music and meant to be a resource for musicians of all styles and genres.

Since its creation, Cozmic Debris has expanded its ability to help artists gain traction by adding internet radio to the mix.

Cozmic Debris

The Cozmic Debris brand name serves as an umbrella for all of the various parts of the company. In addition, Cozmic Debris is the social media influencing, news, and commentary arm of the organization.

Music Mafia Radio

Acquired in March 2020, Music Mafia Radio is the primary entertainment outlet for the Cozmic Debris brand. Originally founded in July 2016, MMR has established itself as one of the most recognizable brands in indie music internet broadcasting. With a focus on great independent music of all styles and genres, Music Mafia Radio prides itself on being an advocate for every artist in rotation. Learn more about Music Mafia Radio at

The ultimate goal of Cozmic Debris is to disrupt the music industry in a way that returns control of it to those who create the music we listen to.

Listen to Coz live, Monday through Thursday at 8pm Eastern, exclusively on Music Mafia Radio.

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Music Mafia Radio- No genres. No labels. #OneFamilia

Music Mafia Radio is quickly becoming the preferred destination for great indie music on the internet. Refusing to be restricted by genre or style, Music Mafia Radio presents the most eclectic selection of music available anywhere, with some of the most talented musicians you will ever hear.  If you are the type of person who likes to hear incredible new music, Music Mafia Radio is the place to hear it first!

This Week’s Music Mafia Radio Top 30

Tune in every Monday night, 8pm Eastern, for the latest Music Mafia Radio Top 30.  It’s a night of incredible music that only be heard on Music Mafia Radio!

This Week on Music Mafia Radio

Artists- submit your music here to be considered for airplay on Music Mafia Radio.  Please submit tagged mp3’s with your social media and website info.

The Cozmic Debris New Release of the Week

The debut EP from East Coast rockers Wicked Tree is now available.  This concept album contains remixes of their singles and presents the band as a force to be reckoned with in the rock world. From edgy vocals to tight and polished instrumental work, Wicked Tree is a must-have for all rock fans.  You’ll kick yourself if you don’t get a copy today, and it can purchased here.

Cozmic Picks

Here is some incredible indie music that caught Coz’s ear this week:

You can catch these artists, and many others, on the latest Cozmic New Music Sampler

Music Videos

A small sample of the incredible indie music videos available on the Cozmic Debris YouTube channel.

For more indie music, head over to the Cozmic Debris channel on YouTube.