Welcome to Cozmic Debris, home of indie music blogger, social media influencer and on-air personality for Music Mafia Radio, Cozmic Debris. Coz spends his time scouring the internet for the best indie music of all styles and genres.  Having spent over 40 years in and out of the music business, Coz is sharing his knowledge, experience, commentary, and ideas for a return to a more reasonable industry structure, one that provides benefit to independent musicians around the world. Be sure to check back often for news, opinions, updates and a ton of other cool things related to indie music.

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Prepare to go on a unique musical journey with the latest release from Swampbox, “The Inevitable Beginning of the Incredible End”.  These New Jersey rockers deliver a stellar album as only they can.  The only way to listen to this album is at full volume!  Click on the picture to get your copy today!

Cozmic Picks

Here is some incredible indie music that caught Coz’s ear this week:

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