The Revolution Is Upon Us!

It is happening all around us.  The winds of change are in the air, and the momentum is undeniable.  There is a great movement opposing the establishment, and if it is successful, life will never be the same for any of us.

No, I haven’t lost my mind and started talking politics.  That’s a conversation for a different place and a different time.  What I’m talking about transcends politics.  The revolution is one that is changing the world, but has no party affiliation.  It does not involve a single government on the planet.  It truly is a case of the power of the people.  And it is here!

The revolution I speak of is the indie music movement that is taking the world by storm.

Today was an interesting day for me.  It started off with a great conversation with a coworker.  While the conversation started with a discussion of the state of American political affairs, my buddy switched gears on me and started asking how this blog was doing and how my search for independent talent was going.  While I wasn’t surprised by the interest, I was amazed at the desire to learn more about the indie scene.  I took him through the method to my madness in finding music, and before my very eyes, an indie fan was born.  I have to admit a certain amount of pride in seeing the desired end result of the small things I’m doing in the music world.

It would have been a great day if it stopped there, but it didn’t.  I got home and online in time to see that Mitch Laney, of Saint Luke’s Drifters, was doing an interview on Rick’s Mafia Roundup (Music Mafia Radio).  Mitch and I go way back, and he is personally responsible for introducing me to indie music.  I made sure I got on early, and Rick was tearing it up with song after song by a number of indie artists I actively listen to.  Being a polite husband, I had the headphones on, which only enhanced the beautiful sounds I was hearing.  I was in musical nirvana !

Before I continue on with the story, let me put a few things out there.  I am a relative newbie to the indie scene.  Despite 40 years in and out of the business, my appreciation of indie music is most easily measured in months.  However, once I got it, I was all in.  To this day, I am still amazed at the incredible wealth of talent I encounter every day.  It puts everything currently on commercial radio to shame.  And with it, I see the entire industry on the cusp of a huge change in direction.  The revolution I spoke of.  More about that later.  Back to the story…

The interview starts.  For those of you that don’t know, Saint Luke’s Drifters was awarded 2016 Artist of the Year by Music Mafia, which was the reason for the interview.  Mitch did a great job, as I would expect, but it was the discussion itself that confirmed every belief I have in the change of the music business.  Throughout the interview, Mitch is talking up other musicians and bands, letting everyone know his favorites and speaking of the incredible music these other folks are making every day.  Rick went out of his way to talk about the mystery of why the world hasn’t latched on to the wealth of great music that surrounds us all.  Rick went on to state that the business should not be competitive in nature, but an environment where everyone lends their support to each other.  Throughout the entire interview, both men made it very clear that the tide is changing and the indie movement is more than just that.  It is a community.

Every hope and suspicion I had when I started this project were confirmed in the space of a single day.  I already knew there was a treasure trove of great stuff out there.  But I confirmed that there are fans out there that are seeking new music, but can’t find it.  I also confirmed that people like the folks at Music Mafia (and many other internet stations) are critical to the success of these musicians.  I also confirmed that my little piece (encouraging and spreading the word) plays an important part as well, both for the artists and all the potential fans out there.  But most of all, I confirmed that this is truly a community effort, with everybody cheering everybody else on.  The art form has become the focal point.

As an old musician, I can’t stress how important those last two points are.  To see artists supporting and encouraging other artists, going out of their way to share the works of others, is as it should have always been.  To see organizations like Music Mafia encouraging artists to get their music on as many stations as possible demonstrates the selflessness that is required to make success available to all.  Everyone is working for everyone else, and it is all about the music.  And because of all this, the movement is gaining steam, ready to take over the music world.  I find myself more motivated than ever before to be a part of it and see this through to the end.

As I said at the beginning of this post, the revolution is upon us.  The days of the big companies determining the public’s listening habits are waning.  The days of the musician being able to develop their own rabid fan base are here. To those of you making great music, keep at it.  The rest of us have your back every step of the way.