It’s Time For Some New Music!

I’ve been talking about the business an awful lot lately.  Time to talk about some of the new music coming out.  If you hear something you like, support the artist!!

Note- I came up with this list on my own and it is much shorter than it probably should be.  If you have new music coming out, get me the details and I’ll include it in future posts.

The Puss Puss Band, “Bucko’s Lullaby”.  One of the perks of doing this is I got to hear this before everyone else.  Two guys from Wales who experiment with sound and space, “Bucko’s Lullaby” is the first single off their soon to be released album.  As with most of their material, the song is a very strong, yet emotive offering, highlighted by the haunting vocal style that is the signature indie alternative sound of the group.

Scream of Sirens, “Your Mind or Hers”.  Another single in advance of a new album.  Due to be released on Thursday, the newest offering from this all female British trio will hopefully continue their tradition of providing their fans with indie hard rock goodness.  I’ll update with the link when available.

Apollo Junction, “Paris”.  A group getting ready to drop their first album, Apollo Junction leads off with the first single from that album, released just yesterday.  “Paris”  has all the makings of a fun alt-pop dance hit, with a great beat, vocals and harmonies and a super mix.  This is a group alt-pop fans will want to watch!

A New Nowhere, “You and Me”.  Debut single soon to be released by another UK indie band, this promises to be a must have for indie grunge/hard fans, if it follows in the steps of their previous work.  Available for pre-order on iTunes.

Daniel Trigger, “Here Comes The Rage”.  Due out February 18th, this should promise more of Daniel’s hard arena rock sound with screaming guitars and terrific vocals!  Available on Bandcamp February 18th

Ships Have Sailed, “Up”.  Nice alt-rock-pop offering from this LA band.  Awesome, laid back feel with a great mix and that signature sound found on many of their earlier recordings.  According to the band, the single is available everywhere.