Cozmic Debris Indie Music Sampler Announcement

I’ve been a little lax in writing here.  It has been another whirlwind month in my world.  As I type this, I am currently following and sharing the love of almost 375 of the best indie musicians on the planet, and the number continues to grow daily.  It is becoming a full time endeavor, and it would be completely unmanageable, if it wasn’t a pure labor of love. But enough about that.  On to the announcement.

In order to spread the word about these indie acts in an effective way, I have started compiling public playlists on Spotify.  The easiest way to find them is to search for “Cozmic Debris” on Spotify.  Each one highlights 25 different acts, which gives the listener right around an hour of great music to listen to.  Each sampler contains music of many styles (at least for now), and because I am the one doing the compiling, I get to choose my favorite song from each artist.  You may like everything on a particular sampler, but I’ll guarantee more than one group will peak your interest.  Right now, there are three volumes available, with new volumes coming out every few days.  My goal is to highlight all of the artists I have found in at least one list.  I am also working on compiling specialty samplers that will focus on a particular style of music, or a particular region of the world.  The bottom line is that you’ll end up finding a ton of great music by listening to these samplers!

The goal here is simple.  Expose people to as many of these incredible musicians as possible.  I encourage everyone to not only listen, but support the artists you enjoy.  Go find their music and purchase it.  Get their merchandise.  Go listen to them live, when possible. Follow their social media accounts.  Share these playlists with your friends, so they can do the same things.  Do whatever you can to share the love!

Here are the lineups for the first three Cozmic Debris Indie Music Samplers:

Volume One

The Puss Puss Band, “Bucko’s Lullaby”

Tamanie Dove, “Sweet Stormy Soul”

Matt Maloof, “Worn Out Boots”

The Ninjas, “Morphine”

Austin Peckham, “Unexpected Memories”

Saint Luke’s Drifters, “Battle of Wounded Knee”

Royal Canoe, “Walk Out On The Water”

Red Light Effect, “Phosphorus”

The March Divide, “Take Your Chances”

Three Left, “Let Me Go”

Crow Mother, “Dirty Van”

The Internal Frontier, “Gravity”

Flowers in Syrup, “Ten Feet High”

Cure for Gravity, “Push”

Here We Harbour, “Dangerous”

Albany Down, “Mercy”

Woodshed Red, “Forget Regret”

3 Bricks Shy, “I love to Boogie”

Randall Rahn, “Home”

Ships Have Sailed, “Up”

Blue Helix, “Aliens”

The King Stan Band, “Texas Flood”

Che Orton, “Boogie Woogie All Night Long”

Michel Zanoboli, “Day Party”

Jess Weimer, “Telltale Signs”


Volume 2

Halfway Home, “Little More Love”

Notice Grace, “City On a String”

Oogee Wawa, “Tips”

Prettier Than Matt, “The La La Song”

Made Of Eyes, “Wishing Well”

Facing West, “Scars to Your Beautiful”

2nd Mouse, “Out Of My Control”

Kerosene Stars, “Holy”

Starflight, “Rocket Like a Stone”

The Young Presidents, “Loner”

Static Fires, “End of the Road”

Lunar Rogue, “Circles”

Eric & The Soo, “My Hometown”

Cletis Carr, “All I Can Think of is You”

Chris Watkins and Drunk Poets, “Cheerleader in Love”

Camille Rae, “Shadows Dance Tonight”

Big Kettle Drum, “Holding Me Up”

Barstow Bats, “Play Piano”

Almost July, “Better Plans”

Beyond the Break, “The Way It Was”

Black Powder County, “Rain”

Free Ride, “Outsider”

John Tracy, “It’s a Miracle”

Kylie Hughes, “Take Me Anywhere”

The Lately, “Come Back to You”


Volume 3

Jimi Falls, “Shine Again”

Henry Maybury, “Lost Days”

Hit the Shadows, “Day in Day Out”

Jaq Mackenzie, “I Tell You”

Leslie Krafka, “Black Cadillac”

Air Crash Detectives, “Can’t Wait Another Minute”

Podracer, “Hammers and a Handgun”

Steve Bonino, “Never Come a Day”

The Battle Of Winter, “Slow Burning Country”

The Minerals, “Ball of String”

Who Shot Lizzy?, “When She Looks in the Mirror”

Zack Walther Band, “Get out of Your Head”

Iris Corporation, “Highest Love”

Ciera MacKenize, Learn to Fly”

Black Cadillac Kings, “420 Girl”

Atlas Run, “Bookshelf”

Scott Celani, “Delhi”

Swampbox, “4 AM”

Hello Shannon, “Pressure”

Janna Pelle, “Memory Lane”

The Foresters, “I’ve Got Confidence”

Tanyamae Mandigo, “Don’t Go”

Quinn Archer, “Dark Places”

Veil Unknown, “Behind These Eyes”

Jantsen, “Massive”