Song Review: “Compromise”, Near Deaf Experience featuring Tamanie Dove

History is riddled with musical combinations that appear to be doomed to failure on paper, but defy the odds to create memorable and incredible music together.  David Bowie and Bing Crosby.  Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett.  Robert Plant and Allison Krauss.  The apparent clashes in musical stylings would prove that these artists have no chance of creating something beautiful, don’t they?  Fortunately, for all of us, the musical prowess of all these combinations far outweighed their styles and comfort zones, and they produced some of the most beautiful music of a generation together.  They put aside their musical differences and demonstrated that the art form was the important factor, and not the public’s perception of their limitations.  Which bring me to the focus of this article.

Near Deaf Experience. A duo (Jeff Hill and Josh Mitchell) producing some of the best electronic music around, and doing it all for charity.  Their unique sound comes from an amazing use of the musical space, weaving melodies and countermelodies in an environment of constantly changing phase, with resounding bass, multiple layers of sound and the spot-on precision required to deliver a ‘ready for primetime’ portfolio of astounding music.  You can learn much more about them and check out their latest album ,’Cognitive Dissonance”, at

Tamanie Dove.  Rooted in country music, this indie music diva is a song producing machine, with very few weeks going by without at least one new song being released.  Often whimsical and fun with her musings, Tamanie has made it a goal to blur the lines of musical stylings and genres by exploring areas outside of her comfort zone.  From the whimsical and fun sounds of “Cotton Candy” to the laid back and jazzy soul of “Sweet Stormy Soul”, she writes and sings with a bold authenticity that is refreshing to hear.

I was fortunate enough to see this all unfold.  A couple of months ago, in the show chat of a Music Mafia Radio show, Tamanie made the statement that she wanted to do some electronic music, to really stretch the boundaries.  In almost no time, Jeff Hill responded that he could make that happen, and from there things were set in motion.  In a display of the marvels of today’s technology, files went back and forth from Georgia to Florida, and in a matter of just a few short weeks, “Compromise” was born.

On paper, the combination of a carefree country artist and a precise electronic duo didn’t make sense.  Fortunately, the paper is wrong. “Compromise” showcases the talents of everyone involved.  From the slow, mysterious and rhythmic intro, to the strong vocal offering, to the awesome beat created after the first verse, this song hits on all cylinders.  Having listened to both artists do their own work in the past, it was a little overwhelming to hear the combination working together.  The complex instrumentation, with its layers of movement (many of which are extremely subtle) combined with the vocal stylings of the country girl, all comes together in a wonderful celebration of fruitful collaboration.  The short timeline from idea to finished product does show in places with somewhat dry vocal processing, but this in no way takes away from the beauty and mastery of the song.

If you’re looking for a fun, high energy song to add to your playlist, look no further.  Another “oddball” combination has produced musical gold.

“Compromise” is currently available on Reverbnation