Cozmic Crew- The “Numbers”

Here it is, the first installment of the Cozmic Crew.  Today, I’ll be focusing on those groups that start with a number (you’ll see what I mean).  My goal here is simple- to give you enough information to make checking out these musicians a priority, just a basic tease and how to find them.  I’m also going to mention my personal favorite song from each artist, and provide links to explore their music.  Your job is simple- find some of these musicians that you can easily fall in love with, and then go out and buy their music!  This list means nothing if we don’t all do our best to support these artists in any way possible.


11:95 pm

Hometown: Unknown  Style: Experimental     Coz’s Pick: “Plasticized Communication”

Testing the limits of technology in music, 11:95 pm takes you on a wild aural journey, with multiple layers of great guitars, synths and vocals reminiscent of ’80’s progressive rock.   A modern day Pink Floyd, exploring the boundaries of sound and harmony.

Social Media: Twitter (@1195pm), Facebook

Music available on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud



2nd Mouse

Hometown: Ireland    Style: Experimental EDM  Coz’s Pick: “Out Of My Control”

A little trance mixed with a lot of EDM, which gets thrown into the experimental beaker and given a good swirl.  That’s the best way to describe 2nd Mouse.  Layer upon layer of melodies, counter melodies, beats and counter beats make this really fun to listen to.  This is not your typical EDM!

Social Media:  Twitter (@The2ndMOUSE), Facebook


Music available on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud



3 Bricks Shy

Hometown: Overland Park, KS   Style: Folk Rock   Coz’s Pick: “I Love To Boogie”

This is the kind of music you want to play at a big family reunion or backyard barbeque, fun music for all ages.  The perfect blend of acoustic and electric storytelling in every song.  The dance floor will fill up quickly when 3 Bricks Shy is playing!

Social Media:  Twitter (@3BricksShyBand), Facebook


Music available on Spotify, YouTube, Reverbnation, Soundcloud



3D In Your Face  

Hometown: Omaha, NE.  Style: Glam Metal   Coz’s Pick: “Forbidden City”

Crank up the volume for this Midwest metal hair band.  Some punk undertones really make this high energy and fun.  Incredible guitar work throughout their catalog, with classic metal vocals and a great party feel.

Social Media: Twitter (@3Dinyourface1), Facebook


Music available on Spotify, Reverbnation, YouTube, Soundcloud


53 Across

Hometown: Tularosa, MN   Style: Blues Rock   Coz’s Pick: “Don’t Tell Me The Blues Are Dead”

There’s a big throwback feel to 53 across, which takes you back to a time when Deep Purple and Bachman Turner Overdrive were filling the airwaves with no frills blues rock.  This is not overproduced commercial garbage, but rather a basic and raw sound that pays great tribute to some of the legends of yesteryear.

Social Media: Twitter (@53_Across), Facebook


Music available on Spotify, Reverbnation, Soundcloud

Introducing the Cozmic Crew

The Cozmic Crew.  My affectionate pet name for all of the talent I am trying to help get the word out about.  Currently comprising over 700 bands, groups and musicians, the list of musical talent I have stumbled on to date deserves some recognition.  So, over the course of the next few months, I will devote space here to giving everyone a small taste of what these incredible musicians have to offer.

My plan is to introduce them alphabetically, through a series of articles that will each deal with one letter of the alphabet.  A brief intro/bio of each act will be included, including where you can find their music.  If nothing else, this should test my endurance (700 bands means a whole lot of introducing) and my creativity, as I hate using the same words over and over again.  You’d be amazed at how many words and phrases you can substitute for “awesome”.  Look for the first installment to hit early next week.


****Side Notes****

A very special thank you to Reto Bachman, creator of the Swiss prog rock band “Coreign.”  Upon reading my last article, which asked musicians to share the Cozmic love with their fans, Reto has started going through and asking his 5,000 fans and followers on social media to look us up.  The effect on Cozmic Debris has been incredible- an almost 30% lift in followers, which means a much larger number of people are being exposed to the music I’m sharing.  There is no better way for bands to get the word out than through social media, and I know these new folks are going to fall in love with some of the music they will get a chance to explore.  Sincerely, Reto, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I will be in Nashville, June 19-25th.  My hope is to listen to as much incredible music as I can, as well as meet some of the incredible Nashville talent that is a part of the Cozmic Crew.  If you are playing in Nashville that week, please drop me a line, letting me know when and where.  I’d love to not only hear you live, but get a chance to chat face to face.  Saying I’m excited about the trip would be a huge understatement.

In addition to the Cozmic Crew list, you should start seeing much more here on the blog.  Life got a little chaotic for me, as it always does this time of the year, but I’ve reached the end of the pandemonium.  I’ve also struggled with a huge case of writer’s block over the last couple of months, which also seems to have finally resolved itself.  Expect to see a couple of really cool album reviews, along with some more of my editorializing on the state of the music business.  That’s right, biotches, I’m back and ready to set the world on fire!

Finally, I have done a very poor job of expressing my love and appreciation of all who have shown support for this endeavor.  I started this after having been removed from the business for an entire generation.  I am humbled by not only the open acceptance of me back into the music community, but the incredible positive words used to describe what I am doing.  You’ve given me an incredibly high bar to maintain, but I’m going to do my best not to disappoint!