New Song Releases

I haven’t done this in a while, and I promise to do it on a more frequent basis.  There is a ton of great new indie music being released, and what follows is just a very, very small sample.  I decided to make it a little easier for the reader to find these artists by actually including the music in the article.  Do them all a favor by checking them out, becoming a fan and buying their music.

Static in Verona, “Madeline”  The latest from Chicago alt pop sensation Static in Verona.  High energy, feel good greatness that makes you want to move and hit the replay button over and over again.


 Red Light Effect, “Full of Nothing”  Reminiscent of their last indie hit, “Phosphorus”, “Full of Nothing” continues in this band’s tradition of providing driving alternative rock with great hooks.


Camryn, “Glow”  More alt pop from LA artist Camryn.  Great minimalist instrumental tracks (acoustic guitar in a pop song), strong vocals and flawless harmonies make for a very unique and satisfying sound.


Melissa Ramski, “Masquerade”  A little change of pace, as I move to a Nashville staple.  Everything you would hope for in a country hit- sexy outlaw country vocals, great instrumentals combined with a flawless mix.  This is the new sound of modern country.


Wide Eyed Boy, “Loving You Is So Easy”  An old school funk style groove with some great modern twists.  Soulful alternative rock at its finest!


Almost July, “Growing Up”  New England sensation Almost July with their latest alt pop offering.  Please explain to me why this isn’t being played on every pop/dance radio station on an hourly basis!


Diamante, “Coming In Hot”  The long awaited new release by Diamante.  A little hard rock, a little pop, a whole lot of pure party music!


Tamanie Dove, “Dance In The Rain”  One of indie music’s most versatile vocalists, Tamanie goes back to her roots here and provides us with a wonderful old-time country waltz.


The March Divide, “Tired Voice”  With a real fun feel of being on a sunny beach somewhere, another great alt indie hit from March Divide.  I love the real light instrumental arrangement, which allows the vocals to be the showcase of the song.


Fickle Friends, “Glue”  Easily the best pop group you have never heard of.  Precise arrangement, driving beat, tender yet powerful vocals all make for a dance hit sensation. 


Massive, “Calm Before The Storm”  Transport yourself back to the golden age of stadium rock with this new release by Aussie rockers Massive.  All the makings of a new rock anthem.