What’s Coz Listening To This Week?

Something a little fun to start the week.  I may do a Soundcloud and Reverbnation playlist later in the week as well.  Don’t fret if you didn’t make this week’s playlist- I’ll be changing it up every week.

Want to know what Coz is listening to this week on Spotify? It’s just two hours of some of the greatest indie music on the planet! You’re crazy if you don’t check it out.  Search for “CozList” on Spotify or click the player below.

Included are songs by:

Adam Strelow
The Band of Heathens
Matt Maloof
Charlie Millikin
460 South
Adam Stern
Blue Helix
Dave Jordan & The NIA
Che Orton
Doctor Paul Constantine
Zack Walther Band
Black Cadillac Kings
Ships Have Sailed
The Pussywillows
Kylie Nicole
Saint Luke’s Drifters
Chase Walker Band
Jefferson Coker
Cliff Wheeler
The Puss Puss Band
Almost July
Fickle Friends
Royal Canoe
Flowers in Syrup
Near Deaf Experience
The Grizzled Mighty