Coz, The Slacker

If nothing else, it’s time for a few updates.  I have been pretty much MIA for the last few weeks, both here and on social media.  I have been personally disappointed with myself for appearing to bail out on the musicians I have come to know and love, and it has frustrated me to no end to think that I was letting folks down.  As I announced almost a month ago, I joined the staff of Music Mafia Radio as an on-air ‘personality’.  It has been many, many years since I’ve been behind a microphone with the intent of entertaining people, and I’m still settling into my new role.  The most entertaining (and frustrating) aspect of this new adventure has been watching myself struggle a bit with the technology.  Entertaining, because technology is what I do, and the stupid mistakes I was making were enough to make me laugh.  Frustrating, because I have run into some technical issues that have impacted the quality of my shows.  The good news is that it all appears to be behind me (fingers crossed) and I can get back into the swing of things.  I took this on with the promise to myself that nothing else I was doing would suffer.  Unfortunately, things did suffer for a couple of weeks, but everything is back on track.  Be prepared for the renewed onslaught of social media posts.  I am back!!

I do need to take time and thank the staff of Music Mafia Radio for the awesome support they have provided me with.  Working with a group of people that I’ve never laid eyes on is something completely new to me, and they have been wonderful in dealing with my somewhat eclectic (okay, maybe not somewhat) personality.  Kim and Rose are doing incredible things with social media and the website.  And I would be lying if I didn’t admit to a deep admiration of Rick Landstrom.  In addition to being one of the most entertaining people on the internet, his passion and drive to not only take the station, but the entire indie music movement, to the next level is incredible to watch.  I knew going in they were passionate about indie music, but it has been amazing to see that passion behind the scenes in action.  It is a non-stop enthusiasm that is extremely contagious.  Now that I have all of my technical issues behind me, I can’t wait to be able to jump in and do my fair share!

And so, the adventure continues.  I am back out on the trail, looking for even more great music to discover, share, and persuade people to try out.  Now, I have the added pleasure of being able to play some of that great music for the entire world to hear, which brings me to my big ask of the musicians reading this.  Music Mafia Radio is always looking for the best of the best, and many of you reading this fall into that category.  The station currently runs on a ‘submission only’ basis- we only play the artists that have submitted their music.  If you’re interested, head over to and hit the “Contact” link for information on how to submit your music.  There are some of you I am dying to play on the air!!


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