Cozmic Debris Universe- An Update

Before I say anything else, I want to apologize for being somewhat MIA on social media, and absolutely horrendous in getting back to people over the last couple of weeks.  I won’t say I bit off more than I can chew with the creation of Cozmic Debris Universe, but it has added to the pile of activities that are all vying for precious time.  I knew this would happen, and I am just now getting back into a groove where everything can get its proper attention.  For those who have reached out recently, expect to hear from me shortly.

As promised, here’s an update on Cozmic Debris Universe, my stab at creating a social network devoted exclusively to independent music.  I find myself in a position where I may actually be a little ahead of schedule.  All of the introductory material is written and posted, and I’ve started playing around and doing some sample posts (which will be available at launch).  In short, things are looking great, and it’s on to the next step.

Here in the next week, I will start inviting artists to join, explore and post.  My thought process is to have the artists shake the system down and provide feedback.  The goal is to have a bunch of content already available when the network opens to the public.  Shortly thereafter,  I will be inviting some bloggers and influencers to do the same.  Once I feel that all the bugs are worked out, it will open to everyone.

I had originally set a May 1st launch date.  Quite honestly, it is looking more like a mid-April launch, barring any hiccups.  I don’t see a need to delay the launch, and the quicker we are up and running, the quicker we can all see if this can be the wave of the future for indie music.  Excitement and nerves are running rampant, but I would be concerned with any reaction.

With a great deal of humility, I say this may be the next big development in independent music,  one that starts changing the way fans find music and the way artists share their music.  I hope to see everyone there.

More details to following the coming days.