I Know, I Know…

Yes, it has been FOREVER since I’ve put anything on paper.  It has been a hectic and chaotic couple of months in the Coz Kingdom, so I’ll give you some of the highlights:

  • I’ve obviously delayed the launch of the social media network, for a couple of reasons.  The primary reason has a lot to do with all of the negative news regarding Facebook lately.  With all of the concerns over user privacy on networks of these types, I decided to do some additional research to be absolutely sure the proper controls are in place before I go live.  I have absolutely no plans to collect data of any kind from users, and want to ensure that the same level of protection goes all the way up the chain.  I should have an updated launch date in the near future.
  • I find myself much more immersed in the local music scene, which has been an absolute delight!  I’ve made some great connections (and even greater friends), and obviously heard some incredible music.  Our weeks are now planned around two things- my broadcast schedule and who we can catch live in the area.  I’m planning an article to go into this aspect of the business in more detail in the coming weeks.
  • I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to catch up with Branford Marsalis.  Brad and I were roommates at Berklee, and hadn’t laid eyes on each other since the late ’80’s.  Once we got caught up on a couple of decades of life, the talk turned to the current state of the music business.  We share many of the same opinions, and he had some great words of wisdom for the new generation trying to break into the business- get out there and play live whenever you can.  He pointed to a number of well known artists that had already gathered a rabid regional fanbase long before “making it” with a big record deal (like Dave Matthews).  Practicing, writing and rehearsing, and posting music online are all fine, but the real way to success is to get out and let people hear your talent live.  Based on my recent forays into the local scene, I can vouch for the logic of this approach.
  • All of this elbow rubbing with musicians has rekindled something in me I haven’t used in years.  I’ve spent the better part of the last week in the studio, trying to shake off the rust accumulated over many years of inactivity.  The advantage of being the “book smart” musician is that I actually paid attention in class, and it amazes me how deeply the knowledge infused itself.  I’m surprised at how quickly all of the old techniques and tricks are coming back to me, and the challenges are more in getting used to the technology available.  Hell, the last time I spent any real time behind a board, we were still splicing tape and using analog synthesizers (yeah, it’s been a minute).  I’ve also started writing and arranging again, which is my happy place.  As the chaos around here subsides, I’m hoping I will continue to carve out time for all this going forward.

That’s all for now.  I promise to make this aspect of what I do a more regular thing.  I promise.