A Music Mafia Radio Update

On March 4th, my good friend and partner, Rick Landstrom, officially announced his departure from Music Mafia Radio and that he was handing control of the station over to me. Out of respect to my friend, I will simply say it was a combination of factors that led him to this most difficult of decisions. While I wish things had worked out differently, I support Rick and dream of the day that he reaches out to say he is back in the game.
Rick Landstrom was the backbone of Music Mafia Radio. He had a unique and infectious approach to radio that made him incredibly popular with listeners and it was his passion for indie music that was primarily responsible for the success of MMR. It was his vision that started the whole thing and his passion for the independent artist is the main factor that drew me to the station. I can honestly say that MMR will never be the same without Rick, but the vision and dreams he had for the station will continue to live on as we build the next chapter in this story.
What will that next chapter look like? Well, except for the absence of an incredible on-air talent and a few less live shows a month, things will be very much the same for our listeners. We will still produce our Top 30, still debut new artists into rotation and still go nuts for the music we receive from the artists already in rotation. We will continue to scour the internet to find the greatest independent talent to be found anywhere. Our support of the International Singer Songwriters Association continues to be very strong and we are looking at new ways to support the members of this organization.   You will also see us developing new and exciting relationships within the music industry in the coming months in an attempt to provide necessary resources and contacts for our indie music community.
Most importantly, we will continue to live by the founding elements of Music Mafia Radio. For us, the mission will always be to support independent musicians of all styles and genres and do our small part to help them get to the next level of their careers. It has always been about the music at MMR and that is something that will never change. I’ve been told more than once that I’m crazy for believing that I can build a show around nothing but the music (and not some wild and entertaining on-air personality), but I know in my heart there is a need for a platform that is meant to be nothing but a place to escape all the craziness and discover great music.
You will see some changes at Music Mafia Radio over the coming weeks and months, but please understand that most of those changes will be things Rick and I have been discussing for months, if not years. We’ve talked about different things that can be done with the stream and I am working to implement those changes, which I think everybody will enjoy. The station will continue to grow in the way we both envisioned.
This is a crucial time in the history of Music Mafia Radio. I have no delusions of being the next Rick Landstrom and I understand that the station has lost an incredible talent. However, I can commit to providing a platform with the best indie music to be found anywhere and attempt to entertain you in my own way. I am a musician but was never a performer (musicians will understand this). I love the craft and it is that love that drives me to continue with this passion of the heart. I believe Music Mafia Radio can have a small part in changing the landscape for independent musicians in a positive way.
I am thankful for all the support we have received over the years at Music Mafia Radio and hope that I can count on your continued support as we build the next portion of this wild ride. If you’ve never taken the opportunity to check us out, there is no time like the future, and I believe you will enjoy the product being presented. I see great things in our future and I’m excited for the future of indie music. Please join us and be a part of that future with us.