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Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

As if the economic landscape of the indie music world was not fragile enough, the emergence of the Coronavirus has […]

A Music Mafia Radio Update

On March 4th, my good friend and partner, Rick Landstrom, officially announced his departure from Music Mafia Radio and that […]

A Weekend Like No Other

I’ll start by getting all the disclaimers out of the way. Yes, I’ve known the founder and president of ISSA, […]

A Christmas Story

I know, I know- Christmas was a few weeks ago.  I had planned on writing an end of the year […]

The Power of Building a Community

It’s been a busy and chaotic month.  I’ve taken the next step in my ‘pay the bills’ career, and that […]

I Need Your Help

My job around here is to support indie music in any way I can, and I like to think I […]

Nothing In Life Is Free

In America, you cannot avoid advertisements for the cellphone industry.  They are everywhere.  For many years, those ads promised free […]

It’s All About The Teamwork

In an earlier article, I wrote about the mountain of responsibilities that come with being an independent musician.  It was […]