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You have a free Spotify account and consider yourself to be a rabid fan of independent music, listening to hours and hours of music, interrupted occasionally by an advertisement or two.  It costs you nothing.  Spotify got the songs you listened to directly from the artists for free.  They didn’t pay for them.  It cost …

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As promised, here’s an update on Cozmic Debris Universe, my stab at creating a social network devoted exclusively to independent music. I find myself in a position where I may actually be a little ahead of schedule. All of the introductory material is written and posted, and I’ve started playing around and doing some sample posts (which will be available at launch). In short, things are looking great, and it’s on to the next step.

There is much talk these days about the odds being stacked against the independent musician. Hell, I’ve been leading the charge on that front (or at least in the front vanguard). Lately, the discussion seems to focus around two main areas of concern- Spotify and internet radio. I’m going to take a stab at providing a high level view of these.

The internet is the wild west of the industry.  Most internet radio goes unregulated and most tend to make up their own rules.  Add to that the vast number of free streaming services available, and it is quick to see that the power and pull of these countless outlets is extremely diluted, to the point where there is no guaranteed outlet for proven success.  The industry must realize and admit that the growth of technology far outstripped its ability to keep pace, which has resulted in less effective channels for artists to utilize. 

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