The Sharks Circling in the Water

Slowly but surely, the industry is starting to pay serious attention to independent musicians.  Spotify and Amazon have made it […]

A Christmas Story

I know, I know- Christmas was a few weeks ago.  I had planned on writing an end of the year […]

The Power of Building a Community

It’s been a busy and chaotic month.  I’ve taken the next step in my ‘pay the bills’ career, and that […]

Nothing In Life Is Free

In America, you cannot avoid advertisements for the cellphone industry.  They are everywhere.  For many years, those ads promised free […]

It’s All About The Teamwork

In an earlier article, I wrote about the mountain of responsibilities that come with being an independent musician.  It was […]

A Restatement of Purpose

As I stated in a recent article,  I took some time away from writing for most of 2018.  Part of […]

I Know, I Know…

Yes, it has been FOREVER since I’ve put anything on paper. It has been a hectic and chaotic couple of months in the Coz Kingdom, so I’ll give you some of the highlights:

Cozmic Debris Universe- An Update

As promised, here’s an update on Cozmic Debris Universe, my stab at creating a social network devoted exclusively to independent music. I find myself in a position where I may actually be a little ahead of schedule. All of the introductory material is written and posted, and I’ve started playing around and doing some sample posts (which will be available at launch). In short, things are looking great, and it’s on to the next step.

A Big Announcement From Cozmic Debris

The time dedicated to making my small contributions to the music community has multiplied, and life has become extremely chaotic. The hobby became an infatuation, which became a mission and has now transformed into an obsession. And now the obsession takes a big next step.

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