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Slowly but surely, the industry is starting to pay serious attention to independent musicians.  Spotify and Amazon have made it incredibly easy for indie artists to make their work available, regional radio stations are inserting local talent into rotation and music festivals featuring unsigned artists are popping up all over the place and playing to …

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In America, you cannot avoid advertisements for the cellphone industry.  They are everywhere.  For many years, those ads promised free phones if you signed up with the particular carrier that was showing you what a great deal it had.  The truth is there was nothing free about the transaction.  The company paid the manufacturer for …

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In an earlier article, I wrote about the mountain of responsibilities that come with being an independent musician.  It was a daunting list, but an important one.  To their credit, many bands split up the responsibilities, which makes thing more manageable.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are bands where a band “leader” …

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As promised, here’s an update on Cozmic Debris Universe, my stab at creating a social network devoted exclusively to independent music. I find myself in a position where I may actually be a little ahead of schedule. All of the introductory material is written and posted, and I’ve started playing around and doing some sample posts (which will be available at launch). In short, things are looking great, and it’s on to the next step.

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